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"The brain that engages in music is changed by engaging in music." Dr. Michael Thaut, PhD.
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Changed By Music, LLC Changed By Music Testimonials

Our 5 year old son with apraxia of speech and other language issues has been seeing Allison for three years. He loves her and we do too. She truly cares about our son and his progress and we know she does all she can to help him improve. At times when he is having a hard time with an area, she will keep trying different methods and approaches until she finds the one that works. She is creative in her approach and patient with our often-silly young man. We know that much of his progress in specific speech issues is because of Allison. She has worked directly with other members of his speech team to make sure what she is doing is integrated into his other speech therapies. Allison is truly one of a kind and we were impressed from the beginning about her professionalism, her talent, her passion, and the hard work she puts into carefully planning and designing creative sessions that specifically target what he needs. Without her, his sound production and intelligibility would not be where it is today and his lack of rhythm and robotic way of speaking would not have disappeared. The best about her sessions is that they are a lot of fun and our son barely notices that he is working really hard. We truly appreciate you and we thank you for making such a difference in our son's life!
-- Sara

Allison has been a great asset to our child. She has been working with our child for the last 2 years and we have seen significant progress since she has begun therapy. Allison has used a variety of methods that have helped engage our son with various interventions. Her persistence and encouragement during the sessions have enabled our son to feel empowered in the process. What has been nice about Allison is that she is willing to collaborate with the other therapists to achieve a higher level of success. Music therapy is more than just playing instruments; it has been another source of therapy to help our son maximize his potential.
-- Mary

Allison has worked with our 7-year-old high functioning autistic daughter for two years. Over those two years, she has become part of our family. Our daughter is so excited for her "music" time with her each week. Allison brings such a vast knowledge of music and how to incorporate it into our goals for our daughter. She is able to help her, through music, understand how to be socially appropriate, work on transitions, problem solve, improve sensory issues and just enjoy the benefits of music. Allison is so talented at taking all of our therapies and their goals and incorporating them into each visit. She has taught me, too, about the psychology behind music and how that can be used to help our daughter meet her goals. Any child and family would be incredibly blessed to have the giftedness that Allison brings to her work and her clients. Most of all, she has a passion for what she does, and it shines through her! We couldn't ask for anything more!
-- Lisa