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"The brain that engages in music is changed by engaging in music." Dr. Michael Thaut, PhD.
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Rhythm and the Brain - DID YOU KNOW??

Our brain is considered to be "plastic" - it can be molded and shaped through experience and learning. NMT is based on this concept of brain can change the brain!

Here are some ways that rhythm affects the brain!

Research has shown that our brain has the ability to subconsciously entrain itself to rhythm. In other words, the brain can match motor movements with an external pulse (like when you tap your foot to the beat). Our brain matches our body to the beat without us even having to think about it.

Rhythm assists the brain in anticipating movement and getting the motor system ready to move, which can help with initiating motor movement. Rhythm can also help with the fluency of movement as it organizes the brain to better plan the bodyís movements (motor planning).

Auditory rhythm (such as the beat on a metronome) has been shown through research to regulate the timing of gross and fine motor control. It can also apply to speech. Rhythm can synchronize the motor actions involved in speech and help organize the sequencing and planning involved in this process.